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Back to the Roots Organic Lemon Balm Gardening Seeds, 1 Packet

Back to the Roots Organic Lemon Balm Gardening Seeds, 1 Packet

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A Delicious Addition to Every Home Garden Lemon Balm is a perennial herb with a soothing citrus scent and crisp. minty lemon flavor that goes great in cool drinks and salads. With Back to the Roots Organic Lemon Balm. you can plant and harvest lemon balm all on your own. For the best quality leaves. plant seeds indoors in seed starter pots 6-8 weeks before transitioning seedlings outside.m. Make sure to provide your lemon balm plants with full sun and plenty of water. Once they mature around 70 days. harvest your lemon balm plant as needed. Use your homegrown lemon balm in your favorite lemon balm recipes. including lemon balm tea. lemon balm pesto. roasted lemon balm chicken. lemon balm butter. and more. About Back to the Roots We're on a mission to reconnect every family and kid back to where food comes from by helping them experience the magic of growing it themselves - no green thumb or backyard needed. We hope you enjoy our organic gardening products and join us on our journey to get America growing!

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