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Perlglow 4 inch Square Bronze Smooth Downlight Luminaire, LED Recessed Light Fixtures 5CCT.

Perlglow 4 inch Square Bronze Smooth Downlight Luminaire, LED Recessed Light Fixtures 5CCT.

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Downlight: You can create led ceiling lights with square downlight luminaire. This will give your ceiling lighting a nice finishing touch if you use it with a recessed led downlight. The ceiling light fixture can be used in many lighting applications. such as living rooms. kitchens. bathrooms. bedrooms. and basements. The beam angle indicates the spread of light from the light source. A wide 60-degree flood gives a more general. softer light. 5 Color Options: What is the best color temperature for led recessed lighting 4 inches in your home? Choose the perfect ceiling led lights from the following color options available with the Perlglow square smooth bronze led recessed downlight: 2700K soft white. 3000K warm white. 3500K neutral white. 4100K cool white. and 5000K super white. Depending on your space. you'll be able to choose between five different color temperatures for your light fixture. Superior Lighting Experience: This 4-inch led recessed light offers flicker-free illumination. zero delays. and zero worries. while providing exceptional indoor and outdoor light. Featuring a high color rendering index (CRI)>90. Low profile 120 volt light produces 1100 lumens at 15 watts. which is nearly as bright as a 120W incandescent light. Within minutes. our lights will be bright and shining. It is easy and quick to install each light. Dimmable: You can adjust the light output of a dimmable led ceiling light between 5% and 100%. creating a controlled lighting environment based on your preferences without flickering. Wet environments such as kitchens and bathrooms are safe for these recessed lights 4 inches. which are IC-rated and airtight. Smooth dimming brightness creates a comfortable atmosphere and stylish living environment in both commercial and residential settings. Certification and 3-Year Warranty: Our 4-inch recessed lighting led have been tested by Intertek and are certified to meet national standards that meet IC (airtight insulation contact) and ELT (engineering and luminous technologies) standards. We provide a 3-year warranty on our square recessed lighting. The lifespan of this product is rated at 50.000 hours. We are focused on brightening up your lives with each recessed light fixture you purchase.

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