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Star Wars Legion: Inferno Squad Unit Expansion

Star Wars Legion: Inferno Squad Unit Expansion

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THIS IS AN EXPANSION FOR THE STAR WARS LEGION BOARD GAME: You will need the Star Wars Legion Board Game Core Set to play with this expansion. INFERNO SQUAD: Led by the brilliant commander Iden Versio. Inferno Squad has proven itself to be one of the Empire's most effective special forces units and now you can bring this crack team—along with another Imperial Special Forces unit—to your armies. A GALACTIC REPUBLIC OPERATIVE EXPANSION: Engage in aggressive negotiations and bring Padmé Amidala to your Galactic Republic armies as the faction's first operative with this finely detailed unpainted hard plastic miniature. Choose what weapon she wields and whether or not she wears a cape. CUSTOMIZE YOUR UNITS: Work alongside the brilliant Imperial commander Iden Versio for even more advantages in combat. Outfit your Imperial Special Forces for battle with seven upgrade cards to kit them out for battle. NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This action-packed battle game is designed for two players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. Average playing time is about 3 hours.

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